My First Research Paper: “Intrusion Detection with Probabilistic Neural Network: Comparative Analysis”

Previses months, I presented my first academic presentation on “International Conference on Advanced Technologies, Computer Engineering and Science (ICATCES’18)” at Karabuk University, Safranbolu. My presentation title is “Intrusion Detection with Probabilistic Neural Network: Comparative Analysis”. A significant experience for me. My paper abstract below;

Abstract: The use of machine learning techniques has significantly increased recently. The classification of normal or abnormal situations in network traffic is successfully applied with machine learning techniques. It is possible to encounter False Positive situations during the classification process. With Probabilistic Neural Network (PNN) model, it is aimed to explore the intrusion and its types within network traffic with probabilistic distribution. Knowledge Discovery Dataset (KDD99) will be used in this study.

Keywords: Probabilistic Neural Network, Intrusion Detection, KDD99

I shared my paper and app below links.

Source code:

Paper (481p.):

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